We wanted to bring on another DJ/wife team for years. We had no idea how to find another couple that would have the same passion for the business that we did. Well, it all worked out, as I met Tim and Jacqui, by chance, we started talking about our DJ business. Tim had a lot of the same backgrounds/interest as we did so it was a perfect fit. Tim and Jacqui have 3 children and Tim has been a very successful author. Jacqui teaches piano lessons. Jacqui has also worked along side Tim in the youth ministry for years. As they were beginning their DJ career, they followed us for several events to ensure that we are doing events the same. Their commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm is unbelievable. Tim and Jacqui have received awesome reviews from their weddings. 

We have been married for over 30 years and have 2 beautiful daughters and the sweetest granddaughter in the world. (kinda partial). We started this business to give brides an alternative. We want to entertain all ages at an event. Of course, we will have a great dance party at the end, but we also like to make sure the entertainment is fun for all ages so that everyone is laughing and creating great, lifelong memories. We love what we do and we certainly will work hard to make sure everything is perfect for your wedding.

Mark and Rhonda Langston

 ​Tim and Jacqui Baker