About Our Name

We Be RocKn Entertainment is a name that is very special to our family, as both my wife and I have lost our dads. Her dad's initials were W.B. and my dads initials were R.K. After putting the initials together to come up with a name,  We Be RocKing Entertainment kind of rolled off our tongues. We shortened it (because it looks cooler) to We Be Rockn Entertainment. We fell in love with the name and we feel like we are honoring our dads. We know they are proud and we are glad to honor them in our name!

My Story/Our Company

I have over 25 years experience in the "music" industry. Like a lot of DJ's (and musicians), I aquired my music skills in church. I have led worship services, been in charge of vocal and audio media, and been publicly speaking all my adult life. I have also been in the manufacturing world with customer service experience and I know the value of a customer. Our focus will be on the customer to make sure there is 100% satisfaction. My staff includes my beautiful wife and wonderful daughters, so we truly are a family business.

There are a lot of talented DJ's right here in the East Texas area, but, by hiring us, no one will work harder to make sure your event is everything you dreamed it would be. Please contact us for availability and pricing on your next special event.